Smokey Robinson Is Still 'Having Fun' With Music

One of the best things about Smokey Robinson's new album, Time Flies When You're Having Fun, is that we didn't hear about it incessantly last month as the media continued to shove microphones in his face following MJ's untimely death (this side-eye is for you, Joe Jackson). No, instead, Robinson, who is one of the greatest songwriters ever, gave the proper respect, knowing that his time would come. I guess 50 years in the game will give you perspective. And now it's here, with the disc, on ROBSO Records, hitting stores August 25th, and featuring all new material from the former Motown Miracle-worker. Collaborators include India.Arie, Joss Stone and Carlos Santana, and just as importantly, a live band. The only cover on the project is the Norah Jones smash, "Don't Know Why," which also serves as the lead single. It's below, with the TFWYHF track listing after the bounce. The album art is courtesy of Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One, who also designed portraits of President Obama. Props to Mr. Robinson, who's also my Twitter friend (dope!), for what will hopefully be a great collection of songs.

Smokey Robinson: "Don't Know Why"

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Smokey Robinson Time Flies When You're Having Fun [Amazon]

Time Flies When You're Having Fun - Tracklisting
  1. Girlfriend
  2. Love Bath
  3. That Place
  4. One Time
  5. Time Flies
  6. Satisfy Me
  7. Don't Know Why
  8. Whatcha Gonna Do
  9. You're Just My Life (feat. India.Arie)
  10. Please Don't Take Your Love (feat. Carlos Santana)
  11. You're The One For Me (feat. Joss Stone)

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