'Aaliyah Revisited' Proves That Great Music Never Dies

aaliyah_revisited.jpgIn my own little world, yesterday was a cause for celebration. Just as I was about to start moping and typing sad face emoticons all over the social networking sites I belong to, I got a welcome message in my inbox. Yesterday may have been the eighth anniversary of Aaliyah's untimely death, but it was a celebration in my speakers as I sat back and thoroughly enjoyed Aaliyah Revisited, a free download of great reworks of Aaliyah's songs that sound as though they have been served with awesome sprinkles on top. The list of artists is stellar and includes such SoulBounce-approved talent as Sy Smith, Marsha Ambrosius, Tawiah, Jesse Boykins III, newcomer Nikko Gray (more on her in a post later today), producer AFTA-1, and some others you may not be intimately familiar with. I am not kidding when I say that this album is imperative for you to cop with the utmost quickness. It is exactly how a project such as recreating classic songs by a beloved and deceased artist should be: something that I am very sure Aaliyah would be proud of. Below are two of my faves. Make sure to grab your copy and choose some favorites of your own. Much respect to our British compadres over at Soul Culture.

Vula: "Rock The Boat"

Marsha Ambrosius: "A Million Preludes"
Aaliyah Revisited [Download]

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