Bounce-Worthy: Lorett Fleur

lorett_fleur.jpgHow I often wish I could peruse Parisian cafés, playfully trying to avoid an afternoon misty drizzle, all whilst staring at my feet in order to avoid the slick cobblestones beneath me. But since I am a die-hard Hip Hop head, my cavorting might want to have a soundtrack that combines familiar beats with soothing melodies and vocals. Fellow audiophiles, allow me to introduce you to Lorett Fleur. While her tongue may be most comfortable with French, thankfully she has chosen to sing in a language that we are most familiar. She manages to evoke many styles into one effortless one that is instantly intoxicating upon first listen. Is she singing the refrain from Onyx's "Slam" in her own "Slaam" and managing to sing over a reworked version of Lonnie Liston Smith's "Expansions" that the incomparable Stetsasonic used for their own classic "Talkin' All That Jazz?" Yes, she did. Word has it that she has an album in the works. You've been prepared. Now dive in.

Lorett Fleur: "Slaam (Yann Kesz remix)"

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Hi Perspective feat. Lorett Fleur: "Expansions"

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