The Director's Chair: A Closer Look At Maxwell's 'Pretty Wings'

Cherry in the building coming at you with another music video breakdown. This time I'm featuring Maxwell and his latest music video "Pretty Wings." This video premiered when SoulBounce was down a few weeks back, but you know we had to feature it. Maxwell has always been known to wow us with the simplicity of his videos. He knows his audience is mostly female, and he knows how to cater to them (he did put out a video of himself sitting in a bathtub didn't he?)  Maxwell has been away from the music scene for over eight years and the visual for his comeback record is extremely important to reintroduce him to his fans. Gone is the big hair and it is replaced with a close cut that fits him well. With "Pretty Wings," Maxwell goes simple again but this time he puts out a visual that the fellas can appreciate as well.

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This song is about a lost love and the director Phillip Andelman captures the essence of the song while staying true to Maxwell and his image without being perverse. This video features Maxwell sitting in an empty house reminiscing on lost love. Five different models, all of different ethnicities, are featured in amazing beauty shots as they lay in the bed stirring in their sleep. I love how Phillip tastefully captures the beauty of each woman all while intercutting shots of Maxwell laying in bed with them and performing against a simple white wall. When the song climaxes, the girls start floating in the air over the bed putting the exclamation point on the message of the song "Pretty Wings." These angels have been called home. Maxwell not only will keep the audience that has grown to love him but also will bring in new listeners when they lay eyes on this visual masterpiece.

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