Hot Like Ayah: To Sign Or Not To Sign


To sign or not to sign...

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That is the question. I just got off the phone with DJ Jazzy Jeff, and I can always count on him to leave me pondering something.

I have been asked this question over again: Do I want to sign to a
major label? Well, I'll take and I enjoy my freedom, but does that freedom come at the cost of never
achieving the great exposure or the money machine that a major can offer?

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Wait! We're in 2009 and in this day and age it's possible to achieve
both. Granted, one has to spend a lot of time learning the business,
surrounding oneself around the right people, and putting in the money
necessary for the whole plan. But it can be done.

I've never been one to obey authority or not question what others have
said to or advised me, so why would that change now? Something to
think about...don't you think?

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Stay hot!
Ayah 🙂

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