Hot Like Ayah: Introducing Richie Hennessy

I'm very passionate about certain
things and one of those things is good music. I promised I would bring to light dope music
that you may have not heard yet, so I'd like to introduce you all to an
amazing artist, Richie Hennessey. There are legends that I feel haven't been tagged as legends
yet--some will in their future, some won't and some just
are artistic geniuses like Richie. Also known as S-Roc of Brassmunk, his latest release, Bubbles In the Tub, is a colorful solo venture that paints a new picture for
R&B/Soul and Hip Hop audiences while managing to capture the energy
of past works. He has a project with Colin Monroe that is coming soon (which I've heard and LOVE, by the way), and the EP Bubbles In the Tub is a prelude to that and it's so good I had to share--especially since it's FREE!

I love a free download just as much as the next person and especially one that's quality, which is precisely what Bubbles In the Tub is. I've had the pleasure of working with
Richie, and I've gotta tell you, this man's writing skills are deep.
It's interesting when working with other writers because you really
notice the different approaches they take. The production on this project from Jake One, Mellenius for Tone Mason, King Sampson, Robert Strauss and Thrysite is fairly simple with a minimalistic
viewpoint that allows Richie's vocals and lyrics to shine.
But enough talking from me. I want you all to go download Bubbles In the Tub right now
and load it up on your iPods, Serratos, etc immediately. If you need
some incentive, just listen to two of my favorite tracks below and check out Richie's MySpace for more information. 

Richie Hennessy: "Every Moment"

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Richie Hennessy: "Dedicated"

Richie Hennessy Bubbles In the Tub [Download]

Stay hot!

Ayah 🙂

P.S. Toronto has so much damn talent!! The surge has begun!! 🙂 Take note!!

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