Can Teena Marie ‘Last A Day’ With This Track?

TeenaMarie_guitar-thumb-473x504-4923-1.jpegWhen I first heard Teena Marie had a duet with Faith Evans, there weren’t enough positive expletives in the world to explain how I felt. Laying my ears upon the first eight bars of Teena Marie’s screeching vocals on her new single “Can’t Last A Day,” however, left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Faith Evans and her soft crooning saved this track for me and in fact seemed much better suited for her style of singing. Before the stans’ claws come out, just understand that I love Teena Marie as much as you do, but this was a song better suited for a Syleena Johnson-type of singer. Luckily, Teena’s run at the end proved to me that Teena still sounds amazing, just not on this track. Hopefully, Teena’s new album Congo Square will have tracks that are better suited for her style when it drops June 9th. 

Teena Marie feat. Faith Evans: “Can’t Last A Day”

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