Burger King Got Back?

Back in '92 when Sir Mix-A-Lot dropped "Baby Got Back" it caused a minor controversy with some due to its provocative lyrics and asstastic video, which was banned from MTV for a spell. But what a difference 17 years makes. Today "Baby Got Back" is considered to be a Hip Hop classic and has been fully embraced by the mainstream--to its detriment. Just take this new Burger King commercial, for example. If you thought those McDonald's souled out commercials were bad, then you're really going to love (read: hate) this. "Baby Got Back" has been rewritten to promote Burger King's BK Kids Meal with SpongeBob SquarePants toys inside. Pause. Mix-A-Lot is even on board to perform the rap while the Burger King mascot does a few urban dance moves surrounded by female dancers with square shaped hind parts. This commercial is so bad it's comical, but in an uneasy, "Hip Hop is dead" kind of way. And this line from Sir Mix-A-Lot's rap pretty much sums it up: "SpongeBob I wanna get witcha, cause you're making me richer." Sold out, indeed.

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