Where In The World Is Emily King?

If you were like me in 2007, you fell hard for Emily King. Personally, I was infatuated with her honey-coated voice, her round-the-way/Bohemian B-Girl steez, and the fact that she plays guitar. Her debut album, East Side Story (how perfect was that title?) was incredibly dope, with a lot of memorable moments. Aside from amazing tracks like "E Melody," "You Can Get By" and the single "Walk in My Shoes," she recorded one of the smoothest takes on the Bill Withers classic, "Ain't No Sunshine." I still play this album regularly (peace to album producer Chucky Thompson).

Since dropping East Side Story, King received much critical acclaim, even earning a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2008. Sadly the album didn't light up the charts like fans hoped, and according King's MySpace page, she is no longer with J Records. But fret not! Like any real New York girl, she is still holding it down. She performs in the city quite often and has an album in store for us in the summer. I know I can't wait. If her upcoming project is half as dope as East Side Story, we'll be blessed.

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