Lip-Sync For Your Life!

RuPaul's_Drag_Race.jpgIf you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, then the title of this post will be quite familiar to you. But if you have yet to see the extravaganza eleganza on LOGO for yourself, then you have truly been missing out on one of the most hilarious, campy and fun reality TV competitions to come along in ever. Each week the drag queens served up a spicy buffet of raw emotion and fierceness at its finest with host/mentor/judge RuPaul as the Tyra Banks-channeling cherry on top. The first season ends tonight, with the three remaining queens–Bebe Zahara Benet, Nina Flowers and Rebecca Glasscock–each joining Ru on the set of her new video for “Cover Girl (Put the Bass In Your Walk)” from the upcoming album, Champion. It’s anybody’s game, as all three have their strengths but it’ll be interesting to see if the best woman does in fact win. LOGO will be running a marathon staring today at 3 pm, culminating in the grand finale at 10 pm with the reunion special following hot on its stilettos. 

But back to the title…If the time came for you to lip-sync for your life, what song would you choose? Watch Rebecca and booted contestant Shanel, lip-sync for their lives to Mary Mary‘s “Shackles” and check out Nina and Rebecca getting their life in a vogue battle after the bounce. Work!

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