Hot Like Ayah: Mind Candy


First off, I gotta say thank you all for welcoming me in to the SoulBounce family! I truly appreciate it!
I’d like to address those of you who care deeply about the integrity
of SoulBounce, as so do I. It’s quite interesting to be referred to as
eye candy (although it’s nice to hear…smile), seeing as I don’t see myself that
way really. I take pride in being a business woman. I am my own business manager, booking agent and A&R, in addition to being a writer, a youth worker, a behavioral therapist and more. I take my roles seriously and hope that I can add
something to SoulBounce and never take away.

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What’s on my mind…

I’m trying to get into Twitter, but I’m not sure I love it. Most of the time it
feels like I’m talking to myself, then I get bored, then I log off. LOL Come follow me at AyahMusic–maybe I’ll start liking it better!

Take a moment to reminisce on what Dilla has given us. I was
a newer fan seeing as I lived in the Middle East half of my life, but
a fan nonetheless and I am so grateful for the music he left behind.

I’m originally Palestinian, and I have been affected by what has been
happening there for the longest time. The latest tragedy, the Gaza
situation, has lit a fire under my behind and I have to do something. It’s
easy for us to sit in our comfortable boxes and do nothing. I refuse to
be that person. With that said, for those of you who are in Toronto
please come out and support “A Peace For Gaza” on February 25. For those of you who
are not in Toronto but would like to support, please go to and click to buy tickets as a donation. Thank you in advance, and I hope I see you there!



I’m currently working on a couple projects that I can’t wait to share with everyone. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a treat. You might recognize this song. 🙂 Hope you like my version!

Ayah: “Rock With You” prod. by Slakah the Beatchild

Until next time,
Stay hot….like Ayah 🙂

(That’s my new ending tag line like all those reality shows! LOL)

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