For The Lovers: A Late Night With Janet Jackson

Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we already know how you feel about Janet, it was our duty to put together the ultimate Janet-themed babymaking blend. This was a no-brainer; even the folks that aren’t devout Janet fans can appreciate what she brings to the table when it comes to her down-tempo tracks, particularly the ones that make you wanna call up your boo and make it happen. So consider this mix a gift to you–the fans, the lovers, the casual  SoulBounce Reader. Enjoy. Full tracklist after the bounce.

A Late Night With Janet Jackson [download/subscribe]

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  • “Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)”
  • “Someday Is Tonight”
  • “China Love”
  • “Moist”
  • “The Body That Loves You”
  • “Would You Mind”
  • “When We Oooo”
  • “Rope Burn”
  • “70’s Love Groove”
  • “Take Care”
  • “Warmth”
  • “I Get Lonely”
  • “Love Scene (Ooh Baby)”
  • “Love 2 Love”
  • “Any Time, Any Place”
  • “Anything”
  • “Twenty Foreplay”

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