Bell Biv Devoe Has Something For 'You'


Yes, you all read that right. Bell. Biv. Devoe. Is back! The infamous side hustle from New Edition members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie Devoe has returned with some new music for fans new and old. Not that they ever really went away, truth be told. The fellas have toured extensively with NE over the years and they get to sing their BBD hits during the live shows. But this is the first new music that we've heard from them in years, and it's not a bad song at all. "You" finds Rick, Ron and Mike falling back in step with their usual roles--he sings while they rap--and although it doesn't make me want to smack it, flip it and rub it down, it's an enjoyable slice of R&B. This and another song, "Welcome to My Heart," are now available on iTunes. Now, that's up with something new from Heads of State? Oh, Bobby Brown. Never mind.

Bell Biv Devoe: "You"

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Bell Biv Devoe "You" & "Welcome to My Heart" [iTunes]

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