'Tis the Grammy Season

Grammy Logo Gold.jpgIn this moment of economic hardship when much of the usual holiday decadence has forced into moderation, even the ridiculously superfluous Grammy Awards announcement extravaganza has had to cut back ticket prices; it's likely the Grammys' conservativeness will be evident in its official selections. And with this humbling reality in which a more fiscally aware public is more dubious of paying (now) $75 a ticket to watch the unveiling of the nominees in person, even with a decent performance lineup, so begins Grammy season. Usually it's a time during which many music aficionados climb atop our high-horses, swath ourselves in grinchiness and pull our sleighs of criticism throughout the land, spreading ambivalence and jeers to one and all.

Us SoulBouncers in SoulBounceville have discriminating tastes that probably won't be reflected during the show airing tomorrow evening, so let's discuss who we wish would get recognition by the Grammy Awards, even if it is just a nomination. Let's spread a little sonic cheer and think wishfully about a magical, fantastical Grammys where Jean Grae and The Foreign Exchange are in contention. Who would you like to see nominated for an award this year?

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