Reader Tip: How To Comment on SoulBounce

feedback.jpgSince you are a guest here and we’d love to have you back, here’s a shortlist of things to keep in mind when contributing to the discourse on These guidelines were established to enhance your experience, not restrict it.

  • Using profanity may throw your comment into moderation and it will remain there until someone approves it. 
  • Same for hyperlinks, in some cases.
  • No personal attacks on other commenters.
  • Please do not thread-jack
  • If you absolutely must insult an artist, be funny and clever or, at a minimum, accurate. 
  • Disagree respectfully and criticize constructively.
  • The comments section isn’t a proper means of “contacting” the staff of this site. When speaking to a team member in a manner that is better suited for a one-on-one conversation, reconsider leaving your comment.
  • You are entitled to your opinion, but do not overestimate the utility of your feedback. 
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic and any other comments of that nature are a major no-no!
  • In general, we like our feedback to reflect an intelligent, mature, and savvy readership. StIcKy cApS, horrendous grammar/spelling, excessive profanity, and needlessly emotional verbiage drag down the quality of the site.
  • Audio files are archived for a limited time. Please don’t ask for them or report “broken links.”
  • We reserve the right to respond to comments/commenters, delete comments or ban users based on but not limited to the preceding criteria.

For any concerns, questions, or general cursing out, please send an email to Otherwise, keep bouncin’!

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