Raheem DeVaughn Brings Bass 'Back'

raheem_devaughn_head.jpgAfter that last unsavory track from Raheem DeVaughn, I was all ready for this new joint to be more of the lame. But surprisingly enough, "Bring It Back" is mad decent. Now, the song did start off a tad sketchy with Rah saying "She like to feel me in her body like the 808," but once the bass dropped in that line made total sense. The bass on the track is ill, which is what appealed to me the most. What can I say, I grew up in the land of Luke. You can take the girl out of South Florida, but you can't take the South Florida out of the girl. Sorry for the tangent, but all that to say that if you love a healthy dose of boom in your R&B music, then you'll probably love this one. Yes, Raheem is still singing about love after the club, but he's channeling a little Marvin Gaye this time around instead of T-Pain. Thank God.

Raheem DeVaughn: "Bring It Back"
Removed by request.

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