Muhsinah Implores You To 'Stay Tuned'


It's pretty much a no-brainer that if Muhsinah is on a track, I will jump through hoops to hear it. Her brand of Soul is of the calm-you-down variety, e.g. Sade and Michael Franks, and is perfect for inner reflection or needing to say something of much importance to someone you may be feeling special about. It's with little surprise but with much excitement that her new track "Stay Tuned (Stay Here)" produced by Exile offers a healthy dose of aural pleasures. It slinky and sleek like the perfect dress, ladies, and it's plush and smooth just like your favorite kicks, fellas. In short, a track you'll need in your life like your favorite winter coat. Thanks to Kenny Fresh for the track.
Exile feat. Muhsinah: "Stay Tuned (Stay Here)"

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