Marsha Assists Jamie On Something Quite Freaky

I suppose "T-Shirt & Panties" needed some kind of upgrade, right? Between songs featuring T.I., Lil' Wayne and T-Pain, we were wondering if Jamie Foxx's Intuition (released today) had any tracks that could pass the SoulBounce Sniff Test. Sex songs are always tricky. Sometimes they are unintentionally funny or just downright offensive. When done correctly, they can be fun and titillating. Jamie has built a career upon such songs and his duet with Marsha Ambrosius, "Freak'in Me" is fairly nasty, but not in a juvenile, off-putting way that makes you feel gross. It could simply be Marsha's presence that dignifies it. Or perhaps the subtle hat-tips to Jodeci and Silk. I'm totally on board with this one, and my "Eff Music" selections are usually reduced to Janet Jackson.

Jamie Foxx feat. Marsha Ambrosius: "Freak'in Me"

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