Who Do You Think Should Perform at Obama's Inauguration?

obama_inaug.jpgOver at E! Online one they polled a random smattering of celebrities and notables about who they think should perform at Barack Obama's inauguration. Many of the interviewees mentioned non-singers like Ellen Degeneres and internationals like Leona Lewis and, of course, icons like the incomparable Stevie Wonder, who few would argue should be absent from the event. There was, however, something so lacking about the list that was formulated there. It lacked the punch and panache that we here at SoulBounce both promote and demand.

While we agree with Stevie being on the shortlist, we also think folks like Jill Scott, Anthony David, and The Roots,
among others, would make a great line up. Surely you've got an opinion
about this, dear readers, and could come up with a great list of
performers. Let us know who you'd like to see perform at the
inauguration and why you think they'd be a fit for this historic and
hotly anticipated event. [E!]

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