Stand Up! We’re Not the Only Ones Disgusted with the Lack of Women in Hip-Hop

j_grae.jpgMore and more, there is a rising sense of indignation about the lack of women in hip-hop that we at SoulBounce have been voicing for a while now. Over at Jezebel there is a post that raises the question “Doesn’t Anyone Miss Having Ladies in Hip-Hop?” (Obvious, short answer: yes.) In it the author voices concern about the decline of women’s access to a genre that once wasn’t such “boys club.” There is also a mention of a Slate article dealing with the same issues.

Where women have gone and why, I believe, are questions that if left
unanswered will function as a death knell for the hip-hop we knew,
know, and struggle to still love. The silence of major media and of
hip-hop audiences–mainstream and otherwise–on this issue is not
just a sign of acceptance but also an active disavow of the talent,
struggles, and importance of women’s voices. Period. It’s a veritable
equity embargo that, amid such momentous change and proof that
grassroots movements are effective, is frighteningly unmoving. It
affirms my peaking ambivalence toward hip-hop as a woman, frustrated
not only with the decline in quality all around but also the
self-hating undertones of being a fan of something so flagrantly
exclusionary. [H/T: Jezebel]

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