Morning Soul: Dig If U Will The Picture


  • Caught up in the election jubilation, Beyoncé has offered to sing at the inauguration. Please no melismatic meanderings on a maniacal melody, Bey. [HHDX]
  • And in her attempt to be the queen of all media, Bey has also expressed interest in portraying Wonder Woman, complete with invisible helicopter and bulletproof wristbands. [LAT
  • Our favorite artist to commemorate Hip Hop's grandeur and simplicity, Kehinde Wiley, has a new exhibition in New York City. [DP]
  • Hip Hop Speaks to Children, a children's book featuring Maya Angelou, Mos Def and Queen Latifah, has been flying off the shelves. [NYT]
  • Speaking of books, Eminem's new coffee table book, The Way I Am, is ironically amusing. [VV]

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