Last Call For ‘Change’ Everybody!

replife-saul-williams.jpgTomorrow is finally the day that many of us have been waiting for. Election day will, for those of us who like to Barack our bodies, mean the realization of a dream that did not always seem likely within our lifetimes. Good or bad, Obama and his call for change has inspired a plethora of artists to use “change” as their muse, and we have so far mostly reaped the benefits. 

First up is Replife, an emcee on the Broken Beat/Nu Jazz scene with this song, “Change 4 A Dolla.” Called one of “the freshest emcees out there” by Gilles Peterson is no easy feat. Peep his take on “change” below. His flow is nice, the message is positive, and the beat is especially smooth. 
Replife: “Change 4 A Dolla”

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Next up is Saul Williams a/k/a Niggy Tardust with his spoken word piece, an open letter to History. While it’s evident that he is disillusioned with the hand that the past has dealt us, his message is also hopeful when he proclaims that “We stand on the shoulders of those who have dared to dream and on the necks of those who have wasted their time and ours proclaiming a past past its prime.” 

We’re not quite sure whether tomorrow’s outcome will bring about a slowing of politically-inspired artistic rumblings, but it’s clear that change is definitely coming. [H/T:BL]

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