Biting Is Kanye's Schtick


Some years ago, when Kanye West's ego was still in its zygote stage and he was Louis Vuitton-backpacking through  Northern America, Talib Kweli had made mention that Kanye's massive confidence was his schtick. After now witnessing him claim ideas that are not his own on now the fourth occasion, it has become clear that something else may be his schtick now, too: unabashed biting. Most people who take blogging seriously and like for their integrity to remain intact (such as the editors on this website), will always give credit to outside sources because we respect the Karma gods. 
The last incident involves the folks at The Fader, who saw something a tad bit too familiar over at the Kanyeuniversecity blog, and with nary a photo credit mentioned. When it comes to photos, the rule of thumb is that if you cannot find a photographer credit after searching far and wide, you may post a photo. However, if you are able to find a photo that clearly has a photographer's name associated with it, you give due credit. 
This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but the problem I am seeing with Mr. West is that this habit has proliferated not only onto his blog, but into his music. After multiple tracks have been leaked from the November release of 808's & Heartbreak, all we have been given is the same tired Auto-Tune foolishness that constitutes popular Urban radio daily. And despite his insistence that he's going to be pulling out all the stops and changing the musical landscape as we have come to know it, I am not feeling like this new album will be his Electric Circus, an album I am only now beginning to appreciate more. But I guarantee that 808's & Heartbreak will be a flop, at the very least critically. 
I seem to be seeing a trend with Kanye, an artist I never really liked but whose music I respected. Biting, my brother, does not become you.
Hey Kanye, Those Photos Look Really Familiar [FADER]

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