Tracks by Whitney, Diddy & Ja Rule Make Blender's '50 Worst Songs Ever' List is well on its way to becoming the most hated site on the Internets, and I don't even work there! (Call me.) The same folks that dared decree that Tupac is overrated have compiled a list of what they consider some of the most reprehensible songs ever. Lead by a firm "Some have crap-tastic melodies. Others are wretchedly performed. And quite a few don't make any sense whatsoever," the list is a veritable cornucopia of corniness, over-hype and gross misrepresentation (in the form of Vanilla Ice and Gerardo). Diddy's tribute to Biggie, "I'll Be Missing You" comes in at #25, with the editors branding it "a nauseating brew of gloopy sentimentality and strategic-marketing mawkishness." Agreed! Ja Rule and Ashanti's "Mesmerized" made #45, and while I would push them a little higher on the list for general purpose, I don't even remember what that joint sounds like. But the inclusion that is sure to grind a few gears is Nippy's "Greatest Love of All" in at #30: "Backed by a piano and what may or may not be a high-school symphony, Whit is at her proto-Mariah overexuding best, belting out platitudes about the joys of loving oneself above all others." Is that a bad thing? [Blender]

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