The Foreign Exchange's 'Daykeeper' Video Does Little To Quell Your Imagination

Currently in the lead for personal favorite song of the year, "Daykeeper" is a beautiful tale of two people longingly waiting for...for what? According to the song, for daylight so she or he "can watch over me." After watching this video, which basically looks as though it takes place entirely in the subconscious, I'm assuming this is what happens on a daily basis when your id (basic instinctive drives) and superego (one's conscience) are in the midst of a fight to the death. You are correct to assume that this video is dark, because it is. You are also correct to assume the neither Phonte nor Muhsinah appear in it because they do not. It is worth a look, but I'm going to keep my "Sun Goddess theory" in my mind for now when I need imagery to accompany this song. Feel free to use this video's imagery if you choose. [H/T: OKP]

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