'Swagger' Outpaces 'Hater' as Most Death-Worthy Slang Term

swagger-tee_phixr.jpgswagger: How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person's walk. - Urban Dictionary.

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Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! As bloggers and lovers of Hip Hop we must all come together as a familial unit and stress how totally uncool it is to use this word to describe one's style. The "S.L.U." track should've been the term's grand finale, sending it into the Played-Out Terminology Graveyard along with "bumpin'," "jiggy" and "like that." But nooooooo, Old Spice had to go and make it a deodorant, and people like Jim Jones are fussing over such inconsequential nuances when they should really be focused on sitting down somewhere, or investing in a razor. Enter Unkut, with a poll that has deemed "swagger" as the Slang Term That Should Be Removed From This Corner of The Internets. It is important that we all commit to the execution of this word as we push Hip Hip and music blogging to the next level. "Remember," they tell us, "if only one douchebag stops using this bullsh*t word for a day, it's been worth it." You've been warned. (P.S. No offense to one of my favorite blogs.)  [UNKUT]

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