Oh No! Busta Rhymes Turns To Techno.

clip_busta_rhymes_fur_crop.jpgIt’s getting real hard on a sista to remain on Team Busta Rhymes. I have yet to connect with any of his new music that’s leaked onto the net accidentally on purpose post The Big Bang. And this is coming from someone who loved the hell outta that CD. But most everything I’ve heard since then has been more like a little nuggets of lame foil-wrapped in mediocrity. This latest leak is sadly no exception. Grab your glowsticks, folks, because Mr. Rhymes is taking us straight to the rave with the techno-heavy track “World Go Round.” Busta flips an Eric B. & Rakim verse in the beginning of the song, but that’s the only redeeming feature to be had here. This is way too Euro for my tastes, and the “vocalist” on the song is so pop that Britney Spears could loan her some soul. Thanks, but no thanks. Hopefully this is just a throwaway joint to get Bussa Bus some buzz with a certain demographic. Otherwise, Busta needs to get himself in check. [H/T: BMF

Busta Rhymes: “World Go Round”

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