New Old Keyshia Cole: ‘Playa Cardz Right’ With 2pac

keyshia_cole_2pac.JPGIt’s no secret that I am not on Team Keyshia Cole, but with her “new” single, “Playa Cardz Right,” the icebox where my heart used to be may just be warming up to old girl. I used quotes around the word new because this track isn’t new at all. It features the eternally undead rapper 2pac and was initially released on his 2006 duet’s album Pac’s Life. I don’t know what’s up with these artists trying to hoodwink and bamboozle us by parading around old songs as if they are new, but much like D’Angelo‘s “I Found My Smile Again” this track is meant to be a buzz single for Keyshia’s new album, A Different Me, scheduled to drop in December. I guess. Facts and figures aside, I actually like this song. Keyshia is singing well within in her range and
not caterwauling into Swiss Miss yodel territory as she is prone to do. Pac’s verses blend well with Keyshia’s voice on this mellow, very listenable track. I’m curious what Keyshia will be bringing to the table on her upcoming album. Hopefully no more recycled material … or yodeling.

Keyshia Cole feat. 2pac: “Playa Cardz Right”

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