Morning Soul: Graduated From Boone's Up To Ailzé

  • Wondering why the Grammy nomination announcements were never an hour-long TV special? Us neither but now there will be one. [BB]
  • Let's just say that Don Cornelius did not have a very good weekend, and it included being on the inside of a jail cell. [HP
  • Looks like Katt Williams had similar bad luck this weekend. His recent arrest means that T-Pain will be hosting BET's Hip Hop Awards. Oh joy. [HHDX]
  • Guess who's on the comeback train? If you guessed Montell Jordan, then you must have just woken up from 1995. [YT]
  • After seeing this video by Justin Timberlake, we kind of wish that he would go back to 1995, too. [YT]

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