Morning Soul: Come and Feel the Flavor

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  • Sugar & Spice. And sushi? Mya's newest disc to be released only in Japan. [AAD]
  • Baby and Lil Wayne will be starring in a film entitled Like Father, Like Son next summer. Maybe my side-eye will stop twitching by then. [SOHH]
  • Jermaine Jackson says--yet again--that the Jackson 5 will be reuniting. I say, Samuel L., Jesse, Sr., Reggie, "Shoeless Joe" and the dude who played Action Jackson have a better chance of appearing together before these guys ever do. {WIRED]
  • Yet another Notorious B.I.G. documentary will be unleashed in January. It's called Biggie Small: Rap Phenomenon. Guess they left the 's' off of Smalls to distinguish this one from the rest? [HHDX]
  • The iconic Grace Jones performed a few songs this week on the talk show Later with Jools Holland. Please, go look. Now. [PB]
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