Little Brother's Heat Blooms With 'Passionflower'

Little_Brother_separate_equal.jpgIt was recently mentioned in the comments section of the Foreign Exchange's Leave It All Behind review that Phonte is becoming quite the renaissance man. Not only is he in more groups than we can count, but he is shaping up to be quite a serious vocalist, much different than his past forays into singing (Percy Miracles, anyone?). Now that we've all gotten used to his grown-man vocal flow, Phonte and company decide to drop some new Little Brother songs on us all. "Passionflower" features production by 9th Wonder, so it's more than smooth with a hint of '70s sexiness courtesy of the lifted beat. Be sure to pick up Little Brother's Separate But Equal EP, dropping November 4th (of course) which will include "Passionflower" as well as three unreleased tracks all produced by 9th Wonder. Can't wait. [H/T: OKP]

Little Brother: "Passionflower"

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