Latest In Q-Tip News: Rocking A Backpack, Reminiscing Over Tribe Tracks, Documentary In The Works

Q-Tip has been a busy fellow lately. When not traversing the country hosting listening parties for his new album The Renaissance which drops November 4th a/k/a "Obama Day" according to The Abstract or confirming rumors that he used to date Nicole Kidman (*shudder*), he has been giving some insight lately into his creative process both past and present. For all you true A Tribe Called Quest fans, Q-Tip has confirmed that there is a Nas-produced, Michael Rappaport-directed documentary in the works about the legendary Queens crew . Should be a banger for sure. In the video below, Tip gives his impressions of some classic ATCQ classics from People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths of Rhythm all the way up to J Dilla joining the crew with his otherworldly production skills. Wondering what Tip's favorite Tribe track is? "Vibes & Stuff." My personal fave? "God Lives Through." What's your favorite Tribe track? We'd love to know. [H/T: RIK]

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