Jazmine Sullivan Does Some Damage In 'Bust Your Windows' Video

Jazmine Sullivan's second single is for the incendiary tune "Bust Your Windows," which we loved at first listen here at SBHQ, and after seeing the accompanying video, the feeling is more of the same.

The video could have gone in a totally different direction, but I like this subtle approach that the director took. Jazmine's rage manifests itself on her beau's artwork, expensive watches, wine cellar and vinyl collection after she finds some suspect undergarments in the bed that they just slept in. (Eww!)

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Although her man's car is easily accessible in his garage while he's away at work, we never actually see Jazzy bust any car windows. It isn't until her man – who is clearly now her ex – comes home to find a trail of broken car glass in his house leading to the incriminating thong that we surmise that windows were in fact busted. Sucks to be him. Especially since Jazmine is looking rather lovely in this video. Let this be a lesson, fellas.

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