Eve Is 'Gettin' Up' With Q-Tip

qtip_eve.jpg The original and only Pitbull In A Skirt, having been gone for a while, pops up on the remix to Q-Tip's "Gettin' Up." This is on the tails of the vintage Jacksonian lasertastic video for "Move" released last week and the building anticipation for the November 4th release of Renaissance is reaching climax. Although the remix to the song isn't anything special, and I would propose that few are, it is entertaining. Recycling that familiar Love Unlimited sample used in "It's All About The Benjamins" only provides a single aha before the realization that "Gettin' Up" in its original form is more interesting than sampling the perennial sampler himself, Puff Daddy. Eve uses her normal, sleepy/sassy/seductive flow over a forgettable verse in the beginning and then vanishes from the rest of the track. Regardless of her perfunctory delivery, it would have been nice to pepper in more tastes of her flow throughout the remix. On the whole it's enjoyable, but mainly because it's a reminder that Q-Tip's new album is almost in our grasp. [2DB]

Q-Tip feat. Eve: "Gettin' Up" Remix

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