Who Did Jazmine Sullivan Justice? Dondria or Brandon Hines?

dondria_jazmine_sullivan_brandon_hines.JPGYou know you are a bad mamma jamma when you have people covering your songs and your debut album hasn't even dropped yet. Such is the case with Jazmine Sullivan. A quick trip around YouTube will find a box of chocolates type assortment of videos from anybody with a webcam and some chops (or some cojones) taking a stab at Jazzy's songs. In a lot of cases it's like Showtime at the Apollo with your index finger acting as the Sandman and pressing pause after the first wrong note. However, there are some folks out there whose covers actually deserve a closer listen, namely Dondria and Brandon Hines.

You may know Dondria as the young lady discovered and signed by Jermaine Dupri after singing popular urban hits and posting her videos on YouTube.
So it should come as no surprise that she covered Jazmine's "Need U
Bad" (which is iTunes Single of the Week, by the way) and put her own spin on it because that's just her steelo.
Although she doesn't possess the passion and longing that Sullivan
does, she delivers a solid rendition yet and still.

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Falling into the
unsigned hype category is Brandon Hines. Hailing from Motown and with
one independent album already under his belt, this young man is one to
watch -- especially online. His video collection
on the Tube isn't as deep as Dondria's but what is posted showcases his
voice wonderfully. He recently sang a version of Jazmine's "In Love With Another Man,"
with "someone else" substituted for "another man" so as not to sound
suspect and he did a mighty fine job.

Does either singer have that
Jazmine Sullivan fire? No. But they are talented in their own right, and
I'm just happy to see two young artists who aren't overdosing on Auto-Tune or out here wildin' or
otherwise actin' the fool (see Boy, Soulja).

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Dondria and Brandon's YouTube specials below, then have your
say in the comments section on who does Jazmine Sullivan justice. Feel
free to skip ahead to the 2:30 mark on Dondria's video unless you want
to hear mindless banter about what she had for lunch that day
(Chipotle) or which butt cheek hurt from working out (the left one).
You're welcome. [H/T: YT/JEBS]


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Jazmine Sullivan [Official][MySpace][YouTube]
Dondria [Official][MySpace][YouTube]
Brandon Hines [MySpace][YouTube]

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