J*DaVeY Performing Live on Ellen

Last night, while doing my daily net surfing, I came across this YouTube video of J*DaVeY performing the track “Dollar or More” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Being an avid watcher of the show (dont judge me!), I knew it had to be something not-yet-aired.  I found out I was right when I read the YouTube description:

Watch eclectic duo J*DaVeY perform their single “Dollar or More” in
this exclusive online video. Lead singer [Miss] Jack Davey (born: Brianna
) actually used to work here at the show, and Ellen is not
shy about taking complete credit for her success!

Good stuff.  So then I got to work looking for more Miss Jack Davey/Ellen connections and came across this gem of a clip.  Score!  I really think I’d like to have Ellen as a boss.  She seems so, so… generous (takes bow).  No word on when the performance will air, but really, now that we’ve shown it to you, does it matter?  Enjoy.

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