When 'Hey Love' Was the Party Starter!

Remember back in the day when people used to watch commercials? Yeah, me neither. That's right up there with receiving albums through the mail, and paying for shipping and handling. Ancient, right? Well so is this clip that was sent my way last weekend. It's one that, if you were a TV junkie like I was as a kid, you should be familiar with, and probably came to mock at some point or another. Which one, you ask? The Hey Love! commercial, of course. Or, to state it properly, the Hey Love! The Classic Sounds of Sexy Soul commercial.  That's the one that featured six people bored to tears at a house party, until the host remembers that he got a special delivery that day. And then, the party takes off when he places the needle on the record, as an array of 40 slow jams from the '60s and '70s start to play. And come on, you know nothing says "Party Time!" like "Hey There, Lonely Girl."

That'd be enough for a 100 second commercial, right? Wrong. We're talkin' about Hey Love! here. This is the commercial that keeps on giving, as it crescendos with what was probably one of the best punchlines of the 1980s, coming when one of the party guests asks the host to borrow his precious vinyl. His response? (Say it with me!): "No, my brother. You got to buy your own." *dead*

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