We Had No Idea Big Boi & Killer Mike Hated Each Other

big-boi-killer-mike.jpgWhen we consider beefs in Hip Hop, they usually run along the lines of LL vs. Canibus, Jay-Z vs. Nas, or Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy (the only beef that matters in that the two of them cancel each other out). But Big Boi? Apparently this business with Killer Mike has been going on for a minute. According to Big Boi, Killer Mike left Purple Ribbon on clean and amicable terms. But Mike says it was lot longer getting out and a lot more litigious. Ever notice how the execs say everything is cool and mutual while the artist says otherwise? Then there's the matter of a fistfight that Killer Mike denies, but that Big Boi confirms, even going as far as saying Mike got stole on a number of times. Ever notice how the guy that got his face cracked usually denies a fight ever happened? Oh well, we're so confused! And honestly, who has the time to sort through all this he-said/he-said detritus to get the real story? We're sure some commenter from the South who claims to be close to the situation can iron this out for us. You know what they say; there's two sides to every story. And then there's the truth. [BS / HHDX]

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