'The nOva Kirk-Out Prevention Initiative'

behindthebounce.jpgMajor props to DJ Stylus for godfathering the new mission. As many of you know, SoulBounce was featured on the Friday Favecast in celebration of our birthday. The interview was fun, chilled, and quite revealing! You'll learn juicy SoulBouncey secrets such as:

  • The real reason SoulBounce.com was founded.
  • If any of the SB Team has a life outside of the Internet.
  • What the SoulBounce HNIC really thinks of the music industry.
  • And what certain Hellfire will befall The Internets should SoulBounce not win any Black Weblog Awards.

Additionally, if anyone is deserving of another "Best Podcast" award, it's definitely the man Fave. Not only because he shows us the kind of love only matched by Butta's obsession with love of Eric Roberson, but he's just dope. Funny, engaging, insanely professional, talented and knows good music. So nominate The Friday Favecast for the Black Weblog Awards' podcast category and nominate us for everything else. Kidding!

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But, seriously, could you?

Behind the Bounce [FAVE]

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