Solange Says 'F*@k the Industry!' Oh, and Album In Stores This Month.

solange_black_white.jpgThe internets went crazy over the weekend when Solange let go a musical "salvo" on the music industry, extending a huge middle finger--over Kanye West's "Everything I Am", no less--with the appropriately titled "F*@k the Industry (Signed Sincerely)." The track is an open letter to the cookie cutter music industry that only likes their singers one way: profitable. In her online blog, Hadley Street Journal, Solange, who's clearly not delusional, unapologetically targets music labels and the like for having "a tendency to see something work and try to reciprocate that with
another artist thinking that's what makes success. To me what makes
success is letting people be truly who they are." While we definitely agree with the sentiment conveyed, our side-eye can't help but blink wildly at the timing of the F-bomb, especially since her Sol Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams is due to drop later this month. Or are we way out of line for thinking that Matty and the crew are doing whatever it takes to create buzz for his babygirl's release (which has solid material, from what we've heard so far), by any means necessary?

Solange: "F*@k the Industry (Signed Sincerely)"

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