Charlie Wilson Needs A Wife. A New Game Plan Might Not Hurt, Either.

To me, the problem with Charlie Wilson‘s last album, 2005’s Charlie, Last Name Wilson, wasn’t the vocals. In fact, he sounded just as strong on that disc as he did during his hey day with the Gap Band. No, the thing that made me ambivalent toward that effort was his choice for collaborations. Working with Twista and Snoop Dogg might work for some, but for an artist such as Charlie, it was more like that YouTube video of Keyshia Cole’s family we showed you earlier–extra and just unnecessary. Of course, just because I pooped all over his choices, Mr. Wilson’s back with a new release on tap for fall. The first song to leak from the project is “Need A Wife”, and it “features” Diddy (thankfully it’s just a loop from his “I Need A Girl”). Let me put it out there: He needs to come better than this. And I don’t think I’m expecting too much from Mr. Wilson, either. Lines about “crazy bankrolls” and being able to hang all night are just lame. Period. About the album, while I’m not sure what to expect, if what I heard on his web site (which played a clip from a song called “Supa Sexy” featuring *shudder* T-Pain) is any indication, Charlie might need a wife AND a new fan. Time will tell.

Charlie Wilson feat. Did It: “Need A Wife”

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