Will Slim Emerge As the Most Successful Soloist of 112?

slim_new.jpgThere’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between comrades, especially when that competition is imagined and perpetuated by the Best! Black! Music! Blog! on the Interwebs. Without question, Slim is the most recognizable voice of 112 and he’s poised to drop Loves Crazy this fall. We did a First Spin on his single “So Fly” some time back, and it was pretty clear what he was going for with the Yung Joc cameo and Southern smoke. We certainly won’t begrudge him the effort; 112 has always repped for the Dirty. But 112 member Q. Parker has a couple of tracks lurking on this blog too, and although the response has been fair-to-middling, the amount of output cannot be denied. Access Atlanta catches up with Slim, who says all is well between the fellas, and although they’re each doing their own thing, they still perform together.

There will always be a time when revered groups branch out to pursue separate interests (Destiny’s Child and A Tribe Called Quest immediately come to mind), causing fans to clamor for the reunion we think we deserve. The members always go on to varying degrees of success, but nothing beats the magic of the group in its totality. So as we sit at our keyboards with bated breath, as Slim and Q. battle it out in our hearts and blogs with no foreseeable return to that Peachy & Creamy glory we’ve come to love, we have to take solace in the fact that anything is better than signing with Irv Gotti.

Slim of 112 is Officially Solo

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