Take It 'Slooow' With J*DaVeY

It's no secret that we totally heart J*DaVeY here at SBHQ. The dynamic duo has led us to spontaneously break out into The Carlton Banks on numerous occasions with their upbeat new wave tunes. But when these two change the tempo, they are just as nice with theirs. Such is the case with the song "Slooow" that can be found on their The Land of the Lost EP, which was recently repackaged with their The Beauty In Distortion EP and released as a double EP. This song is a nice, smoothed-out distraction while we wait for their CD of all new material to finally drop.

J*DaVeY: "Slooow"

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The Beauty In Distortion/The Land of the Lost Double EP [iTunes][Amazon]

BONUS: Check out a super sexy live version of J*DaVeY performing "No More" at this year's Black Lily Film & Music Festival after the bounce.

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