Would You Rather Have a 'Late Night Rendezvous' with Carl or Vikter?

carl-vikter.jpgCarl Thomas and Vikter Duplaix are both certified romantics. While one is probably more likely to crank up the Marvin, break out the VSOP and light some incense, the other might just spontaneously appear at the window of his ladylove like a valiant prince, with tickets to an unlikely exotic locale and the promise to simply play it by ear. With that in mind, today's Battle of the Beats asks you, which one of these brothers would you rather steal away with on a late night tryst? Both of today's tracks are entitled "Late Night Rendezvous" and have very distinct approaches.

By the way, Carl's So Much Better was so much better than folks gave it credit for. Grown man R&B is endangered, ya'll.

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Carl Thomas: "Late Night Rendezvous"

Vikter Duplaix: "Late Night Rendezvous"

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