Saul Williams' Indie Experiment Has Him Paid In Full

saulweb.jpgLast year when Saul Williams released The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust, he was offering the album as part of a "variable pricing program." This little experiment, which gave the consumers the option of how much they were willing to pay for the album, resulted in over 150,000 units being sold with 20% of those being actually purchased and not downloaded for free. Enter sneaker giant, Nike, who used "List of Demands" in one of their commercials. Now Niggy Tardust has been downloaded an additional 225,000 times with nearly 38% of those being paid downloads. Isn't it interesting how Saul can release an album with "Niggy" in the title, but Nas can't release an album titled "Nigger," even though both albums both deal with perceptions of race in this country? In any case, Saul Williams has proved that going the indie route has its benefits. New artists take note. 


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