Pras Michel Threatens to Sire Another Musical Masterpiece

pras.jpgI just really don't know what to say without sounding hateful. I didn't realize Pras Michel was even still allowed to make music. Also, his forthcoming project, entitled Experience Magic, will be his third, as in, he's made more than one. Wow. Known for trying to "Stay Alive," being out-shined by ODB and Mya on the title track of his first album, and calling Lauryn Hill everything but a child of God does not a career make. I'm sorry, ya'll. At any rate, since we're nothing if not informative (actually we're more, but engage me), Pras released a new single called "My Ex" and his new joint will drop in September. So that's what's going on with Pras. I can't. [SR]

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