Oddisee Goes Down Nas' 'Memory Lane'


Nas' new album, formerly titled Nigger and still incensing legions of his (former) fans, will be making its debut 29 days from now. For all of you tired of the hype and wishing you could just go back to the times of a gentler, less insightful Nasir Jones, let's all "take a trip back down memory lane," shall we? Courtesy of one of SoulBounce's honorable mentions for hip hop artists we're currently checking, Oddisee was given the task of recreating an Illmatic track, which debuted this past Friday at the "Illmatic Remix" party in DC. While I can't say that it's at all on par with the original "Memory Lane," it features Oddisee flexing his lyrical skills, and it is a nice respite from all the controversy surrounding Nas' upcoming album. 

Oddisee: "Memory Lane" Remix

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Illmatic Remix Party? [OMB

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