Grandmaster Flash Hops on the Anti-JD Train

gmf.jpgToday we present to you another chapter in the "Jermaine Durpi Done Effed Up" Chronicles. This time, the response comes from the one, the only, Grandmaster Flash, who is a pioneer in this game and should pretty much be able to shut this discussion down. Flash's words via Access Atlanta:

"It threw me a little bit, just being the creator of this whole DJ hip-hop thing. I mean Jermaine Dupri is a very good friend of mine and I have so much respect for him. And he knows, personally, a lot of his stuff wouldn't have jumped off if it wasn't for the DJ. From 'Jump, Jump', to Da Brat to 'In My Bed'. One of his signatures is doing records for the dancefloor. And who controls the dancefloor? The DJ! Jermaine knows better."

In fairness, JD was more or less referring to the modern DJ that wants to share or steal shine from the artist. But JD's candor alone makes him ripe for the picking.

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Grandmaster Flash Responds to Jermaine Dupri, Lil Wayne [AMS]

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