Chrisette Michele Tries Something New In 'Love is You'

Full disclosure: I have a healthy crush on Chrisette Michele. There, I said it. It's based on her all-around talent, and her constant and deliberate intention not to fit into any sort of mold.  Sometimes it works for her (the new hairstyle is straight FIYAH!!!) and, sometimes it...doesn't. So when her new video for "Love is You" (one of my favorite tracks from I Am) premiered this week, I half-expected the inevitable tie-in with her alliance with Nivea. Nope. 

Instead, I got the very thing I love her for--something different. Or rather, "something new" on a Sanaa Lathan-type level. And truthfully, I wasn't prepared. In the least. However, instead of attempting to capture my exact mindset in words, I ask that you peep ole boy playing the bass at the 1:54 mark of the video, and when you see the expression on his face, please know that it mirrors my own as I watched the video unfold. Go, Chrisette!  Just don't. Go. Too. Far. K?

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