Charles Hamilton Gets 'Closer' With MC Lyte

charles hamilton + mc lyte.jpgEver since Almost September announced that they were a band, in all of their alt-hip hop-rock glory, I have been patiently waiting for the return of MC Lyte. Her skills on the mic past and present are unrivaled, especially when placed head-to-head against female emcees then and now. It should come as no surprise that her cousin, Charles Hamilton, has decided to pursue the hip hop artist/producer route. Making baby steps towards getting some recognition, Charles has been recording in his Harlem studio and recently dropped a mixtape with DJ Green Lantern. Not bad. His latest track, "Closer," offers a little help from his legendary cousin of hip hop royalty, and features the sampled track from Goapele of the same name. While you can't go wrong with the combination of Lyte and Goapele (now that would be a match made in heaven), Charles' lackluster verses make me yearn for more Lyte in my life. To hope, perchance to dream...

Charles Hamilton feat. MC Lyte: "Closer"

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[H/T: 2DB]

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